Patio Betulia

The Betulia is a big, bright colourful patio plant produced in the U.K exclusively by Hills sister company, Leythorne Ornamentals.

It comes in stunning reds, light and bright pinks and orange providing instant colour to any patio, garden or conservatory.  It is a very tolerant plant that requires minimum ongoing maintenance so is hassle free addition to your garden or patio.

Betulias are in season from mid April to end August.

Care Instructions

Temperature: Temperature should be between 16°C – 24°C.
Light: Light conditions, these plants can be kept outdoor during the Summer months or indoors in bright conditions.
Water: Keep the plant moist.
Feeding: During Spring and Summer months feed every 2 weeks
Helpful Hints:
  • Now on the 4th generation of Hills, Hill Brothers has an excellent understanding of the UK market.

    We focus on quality and innovation and our aim is to deliver unique, seasonally well focused, British grown products to our customers.